Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Been off doing something exciting...

Hello... Sorry I have not been around.
I have been diverting from card craft to a new business plan.

This involves my partners illustrations that he created over 4 years ago. We have been playing around with ideas of what to do with them.
They are cute and know will find a place in the market.

We are starting a Kick Starter project to try and raise funds to lift this project off the ground with products, children's books and giftware.

Kick Starter is a community based place where people pledge, in return for a product you will be making. Therefore they will be getting something first before anyone else and before it completely lifts off the ground.

This means having to tweet (not my thing) set up a new Facebook page and really try every avenue to promote it.
As yet we are waiting to be accepted by them... it's like waiting for Christmas!!

But here is my twitter account

new Facebook page for it

I do have a new blog on wordpress but as yet need to get my head around it all.

The new concept is called 'On Stalks' and here is a photo of what our mugs will look like.

We will also be bringing out Christmas ones, if we are lucky enough to reach our target and second stage target.

Happy Crafting
Caroline x

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